DVD library

DVDs are not currently available directly from the website due to the large file sizes. They are obtainable from the BSSH offices. BSSH are not able to accept your personal memory sticks for downloading files due to the risk of transmission of computer viruses. A BSSH 8GB flashdrive must be purchased at cost price (£10). Complete the order form, indicating the videos you would like, ensuring there is sufficient capacity on the flashdrive for your selection.

DVD list pdf

Order form

Please note: All titles have been saved as mpg files, which will play on InterVideo Win DVD.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For security reasons we are no longer able to accept credit card details by email. Please either post a hard copy of the order form with your credit card details to the BSSH Secretariat, of you prefer to email your order form, leave the payment section blank and ring the Secretariat with your credit card details.