Common hand conditions

Disclaimer. The information on common hand conditions is provided as a guide only and it is not intended to be comprehensive. Discussion with your treating doctor is important to answer any questions that you may have. The Society does not provide information or guidance on individual cases.

Hand disorders

Hand injuries

Tendon disorders
Trigger finger/thumb
De Quervain's syndrome
Ganglion cysts

Tendon injuries
Flexor tendon injury
Extensor tendon injury
Mallet finger injury
Boutonniere injury
Thumb extensor tendon (EPL) rupture
Terminal finger joint arthritis
Basal thumb arthritis

Hand fractures
General information on hand fractures
Dupuytren's disease
Dupuytren's disease 

Hand joint injuries
Skier's thumb
Finger sprains
Finger dislocations
Nerve disorders
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Cubital tunnel syndrome

Nerve injuries
Nerve injury