Bursaries & prizes

Douglas Lamb Lecture

Douglas Lamb was the first Honorary Secretary of the Society from 1969-1975, President in 1977 and later on President of the International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand. He was known internationally as a pioneer in hand surgery. An annual lecture given at the BSSH Scientific Meetings by an overseas speaker was established in his memory.

2003: D P GREEN, USA; Two Drips in the Bucket (Spring Meeting)
2004: W A MORRISON, Australia; Spontaneous Tissue Regeneration: A Model for Tissue Engineering (Autumn Meeting)
2005: R SABAPATHY, India; Major Replantations of the Upper Limb (Spring Meeting)
2007: A T BISHOP, USA; Vascularised Bone Grafts in Hand Surgery (Autumn Meeting)
2008: S E R HOVIUS, Netherlands; Operating on the Hand: What I used to do and still do (Spring Meeting)
2009: P J STERN, USA; Psychiatric Disorders in the Upper Extremity (Autumn Meeting)
2010: S P J KAY, LEEDS: The Paediatric Hand (Spring Meeting)
2011: T BRUSHART, USA: Evaluating the Outcome of Experimental Nerve Repair (Autumn Meeting)
2012: B ADAMS, USA: My Successes and Failures in Hand and Wrist Arthroplasty (Autumn Meeting)
2013: S P J Kay, LEEDS: Missing Hands (Spring Meeting)
2015: L R SCHEKER, USA; Understanding the Distal Raidoulnar Joint

Journal of Hand Surgery Prize

This prize is awarded annually for the best paper presented at the BSSH Autumn Meeting. The prize consists of book vouchers to the value of £500 and is funded by the Society .

1992: D A MCGROUTHER: Lumbrical Function: Contraction during Lengthening
1993: G E B GIDDINS: Spot Weld Injuries of the Hand
1994: K G ANDREW: Expression of Platelet Derived Growth Factor and its Receptors in Dupuytren's Disease
1995: P N HALL: Is Dermofasciectomy the best Treatment for Dupuytren's Disease? A review of 91 X-rays
1996: J G M MCDIARMID: Fibroblast Growth Factors (FGFs) and the Initiation of Vertebrate Limb Development
1997: J HARRIS: The Interactive Hand
1998: NO AWARD
1999: N BORISCH: Treatment of Radio-ulnar Synostosis by Resection and Interposition of a Septofascial Flap: A Case Report
2000: D J SHEWRING: Avulsion Fractures from the Base of the Proximal Phalanges of the Fingers
2001: P LOREA: Denervation of the First Carpo-metacarpal Joint: Anatomical Basis
2002: P N MOHANNA: Long Gap Peripheral Nerve Repair using a Composite PHB-GGF Conduit
2003: E DONNA: Optimising Performance of the Cruciate Four-strand Tendon Repair
         M TOHILL: Functional Muscle Reinnervation following MGF Enhanced Axonal Regeneration
2004: W L LAM: Pentoxyfylline Inhibits Contraction of Dupuytren's Disease Fibroblasts in a Collagen Gel Lattice Model
         M ROBERTS: Ligament Attachments to the Scaphoid Bone: A Study in 32 Cadaver Wrists
2005: W TOWNLEY: Targeting Matrix Remodelling by Dupuytren's Fibroblasts
2006: M C MILLER: Tendon Rupture in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Evidence that MT1-MMP Plays a Role
          F YA'ISH: Clinical Assessment of Peripheral Nerve Injuries: A Novel Diagnostic Tool
2007: H NAGATA: The Natural History of Carpel Tunnel
          B SINGH: In vivo Measurement of DRUJ Translation
2008: M A AKHAVANI: Tenosynovial Angiogenesis in Rheumatoid Hand Disease
2009: G BECKER: Operative Techniques for Primary Dupuytren's Disease: A Systematic Review
2010: L S VERJEE: Pathophysiology of Dupuytren's Disease
2011: A KARANTANA: A Randomised Prospective Clinical Trial Comparing Treatment of Distal Radius Fractures with Volar Locking Plate and Conventional
          Percutaneous Methods
2012: I DEGREEF: Therapy-resisting Dupuytren's Disease: A New Era in Adjuvant Treatment Approach?
         O HARLEY: Four-year Outcomes of Neuflex PIP Joint Arthroplasty / Long-term Outcomes of Finsbury PIP Joint Arthroplasty for Osteoarthritis
         A WILLIAMS: Outcomes of Modified Brunelli Procedure in Professional Athletes with Scapholunate Instability
2013: A KARANTANA: Cost-effectiveness of Volar Locking Plate versus Percutanious Fixation for the Treatment of Distal Radius Fractures: An economic Evaluation
         alongside a Clinical Trial
2014: A McKEAN: Incidence and Shoulder Outcome of Unilateral Obstetric Brachial Plexus Injury in the Scottish Population
2015: C LIPEDE: A Review of Paediatric Camptodactyly in a Supra-regional Paediatric Hand Unit

Poster Prize

A Poster Prize of £250 is awarded for the best poster presentation at the Spring and Autumn Scientific Meetings.

2005: T HALSEY: Modified Splintage - Stronger, Cheaper, Lighter Plaster Cast Immobilisation (Autumn)
2006: A MIDDLETON: Failure of the Mathys Finger Joint Replacement System (Autumn)
2007: M S U HASSAN: The Outcome of Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in a General Plastic Surgery Unit: A Prospective Study (Spring)
2007: S S MEHTA: Hook Plate Fixation of FDP Avulsion Fractures (Autumn)
2008: T GREEN: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Validation of a Clinic Based Nerve Conduction Measurement Device (Spring)
2009: J CHOUEKA: Interobserver Reliability of the Thirty Degree Lateral View in Assessing Screw Position following Volar Plating of the Distal Radius (Spring)
          B DALA-ALI: The Efficacy of Steroid Injections for Trigger Finger(Spring)
2009: H GBEJUADE: Complications and Outcomes after Treatment of Distal Radial Fractures with a Volar Locking Plate (Autumn)
         H TUNNICLIFFE: Therapy Management of PIP Joint Arthroplasty Management: A Survey of Therapists' Perspectives (Autumn)
2010: J GIDDIE: Early Results of Pyrocarbon Proximal Inerphalangeal Joint Replacement from a District General Hospital (Autumn)
2011: A NICHOLLS: Sesamoid Arthrodesis of the Thumb Interphalangeal Joint (Spring)
2011: N LLOYD: A Modification of the Souquet and Hueston Flaps in Fingertip Reconstruction (Autumn)
2012: D MURRAY: Online Consent for Day Case Hand Surgery (Autumn)
2013: O TILLO: The 'Door Trap': A Lurking Monster (Spring)
2013: A ARETAKI: The Hand Trauma Coordinator Effect - One Year on (Autumn)
2014: D YEOH: Wrist Replacement: A Systematic Review of the Evidence from the last Five Years (Spring)
2014: J COELHO: "Bamboo Hand" - An Innovative Training Model for Hand Fracture Fixation (Autumn) 
2015: R TAHA: Pseudotumour Secondary to Metallosis following Total Wrist Arthroplasty - Case Report (Spring)
2015: J STREET: A Case Report of Methemoglobinemia following a Supraclavicular Prilocane Nerve Block for Ulnar Nerve Decompression (Autumn)

Pulvertaft Prize

The Society offers a prize of £1,500 of Mr R G Pulvertaft for an essay on on a topic of the President's choice. The topic will be announced at the Society's Autumn Scientific Meeting. Essays should be a maximum of 2,500 words.
The topic for the 2016 Prize is 'Education in Hand Surgery'. However, essays on other topics will also be considered.
Closing date for submissions is 30 June and the Pulvertaft Prize Committee will decide the winner at the beginning of August.

Research Grant/Fellowship

The aim of the Research Grant/Fellowship is to fund clinical or basic science research of relevance to hand surgery. It is anticipated that this funding source will be used to fund a fellowship for a trainee, but applications from therapists for fellowships under the supervision of a BSSH member and non-fellowship research projects run by BSSH members will be considered equally. Studies to support research to assist a commercial enterprise will not be considered. Maximum funds of £50,000 per year are available.
The closing date for applications is 1 August annually and awards decisions will be made by 1 October. If you require further information or have any queries with regard to these awards please contact the Secretariat.
Application Form

Pump Priming Research

The British Society for Surgery of the Hand invites applications from its members and associates for its project grant scheme. This is intended principally to pump prime early studies and systematic reviews. The projects funded should pump prime research with the potential to benefit patients within a three to five year time span. It is expected that this scheme will fund small project grants of up to a maximum of £10,000. The aim of the scheme is to promote high quality research proposals, to support pump priming, proof of principle and feasibility studies or to increase the chances of applicants being successful in winning substantial external funding.
The closing date for applications is 1 June annually and awards decisions will be made by 1 September annually. If you require further information or have any queries with regard to these awards please contact the Secretariat.
Application Form

Educational Presentation Prize

Two prizes to the value of £750 each are intended to encourage the production of CDs and DVDs on hand surgery to enlarge the BSSH Audiovisual Library. Entries on disk received by the Secretariat by 31 July annually will judged by the Education and Training Committee at its September meeting and the prize-winning disks will be shown during the Society's Autumn Scientific Meeting. The entry criteria have recently been updated and further details are available from the Secretariat.

Education and Travel Bursary

This is a new award comprising individual grants of up to £5,000 to support the education and training of BSSH members. Up to £20,000 each year will be awarded at the discretion of the Education and Training Committee and ratified by Council. Applications should include a one-page curriculum vitae, a one-page schedule with estimated costs and a brief explanation of what you hope to get out of the award. The closing date is 31 July annually. Please submit your application to the Chairman of the Education and Training Committee through the Secretariat.

Medical Student Elective Bursary

BSSH offers two annual bursaries of £750 to support medical student elective attachments in Hand Surgery. An application form can be obtained from the Secretariat. The closing date for applications is 31 July annually, and the attachment should be completed within 18 months of the award. The Society expects to receive a short report of the attachment within two months of its completion.

BSSH/Healing Foundation Medical Electives Awards

The Healing Foundation in conjunction with BSSH offers Medical Student Electives Awards of £1,200 for the personal support of students during their 6-8 week elective period. Further information can be found on the Healing Foundation website.

Other Information

Royal College of Surgeons of England

The Royal College of Surgeons of England publishes a Handbook of Awards for research and other study as well as details of lectures that are held at the College.

Information is available from the General Office, Royal College of Surgeons of England, 35-42 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3PE